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Tamara Personal Yoga

Give yourself the gift of health, energy and serenity—specially crafted to suit your needs, when and where it suits you.

Yoga is an ancient Indian philosophy through which awareness of the body and mind is enhanced. Yoga, from the Sanskrit word yuj, means to yoke or bind and is often interpreted as “union” or a method of discipline practice. Yoga is a process that is especially adaptable to individual needs and abilities: anyone can practice yoga regardless of age, experience or physical abilities.

My name is Tamara Nicholson and I would like to be your personal guide as you discover the great benefits available to you through the ancient practice of yoga. I offer expert personal guidance and facilitation of your yoga practice—for you alone or for your small group.

Private yoga classes are scheduled to meet the demands of your life and are conducted in the comfort and security of your home or business, as you prefer, at a mutually agreeable time.

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